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Be careful with Chinese wisteria Wisteria sinensis and Japanese wisteria Wisteria floribunda if you live.

Undertake the first pruning in summer, after wisteria finishes blooming. The plant's tendrils should be cut back to four to six leaves from the main stem. Removing vigorous vines redirects energy. Feb 16, As always, Grumpy has the answers.

Wisteria is kind of weird for a woody vine, because it blooms on both old and new growth.

Flowers appear in abundance in spring and then sporadically throughout the summertime. That's why it seems counterintuitive to say prune it treedisposal.pwted Reading Time: 2 mins. Oct 24, Plan your wisteria’s first pruning of the year around late winter. This is the best time to prune your wisteria because the leaves and flowers have not grown back yet after falling off during the fall. This means that the branches are bare and easier to reach.

If you are hard pruning an old, neglected wisteria, don't do everything all at once%(6). Trim wisteria approximately one month after flowering. Leave one strong leader on each main lateral to increase length. Cut all other side shoots just past the sixth or seventh leaf. This cut. Jun 29, Because wisteria will continue to sprout after it has been cut, it should be cut back early in the season, cutting sprouts every few weeks until the fall.

This will stop growth of existing vines and prevent seed production. Wisteria vines should be removed from bases of trees and shrubs to prevent girdling as the trees and shrubs grow.

Cut the vine back severely right after planting. Then, the next year, cut the main stem or stems back to 3 feet of the previous season’s growth. Once the framework is full size, shorten further extension growth in midsummer to where growth began for that season. Get more tips for pruning wisteria.

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