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If your lavender is in a pot, check there is a drainage hole at.

Pruning in late summer or early fall before the first frost encourages good air circulation, which guards against rot.

Jun 16, Once your lavender plant has had one year to establish itself, you’ll need to prune it once a year. The best time for when to prune lavender is in the spring just as the new growth is starting to come in. How to Prune Lavender. When pruning lavender, it’s important to start out with a sharp, clean set of pruning shears. Wipe down the blades of your pruning shears with rubbing alcohol or bleach to Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Pruning: Prune right after the first flowering and again in late August after the last flush has faded.

Cut off about 2/3 of the plant’s height or to just above the bottom two sets of leaves on each stem. Take care not to cut into the woody part of the plant which can cause damage.

Twice a year pruning will keep your plant healthy and compact. Jan 13, Summer is the main time to prune lavender plants after the flower harvest. Cut back up to one-third of the leafy section of the stems, shaping the lavender into an evenly rounded mound as you prune. To create the mounding shape, cut the outer stems a little shorter than the middle stems.

Avoid cutting into the woody stem bases. Aug 13, But any flowering stems that you have left for the bees and other pollinators, and non-flowering stems, should now be cut back. Lavender is usually pruned after flowering in the late summer, though some books will also recommend pruning in the spring.

Jun 15, However, after six or eight years, they can begin to look woody, filled with dead wood and bearing fewer of their sweet-smelling flowers. Don’t give up on these plants. If you want to know what to do with woody lavender, understand that pruning woody lavender plants can often restore them to. Aug 14, Some varieties of lavender finish flowering earlier ('Melissa Lilac', for example), so prune them earlier in August, or even in July.

Monty Don's top tip for pruning lavender.

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