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In sum, if you are a property owner and you believe someone.

Many people in Middleburg, FL make the big mistake in believing that tree trimming and pruning are both the same.

Instead, tree trimming is comparable to giving a tree a hair cut in that the outsides are cut back a little to get them apart from a prospective source of danger. Penalties for Cutting a Neighbor Tree Down Depending on the circumstances, an individual who decides to forego the laws of property ownership and cross these lines in order to damage or cut down another owner's tree or trees can be charged with criminal trespass with intent to damage treedisposal.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins.

These ordinances allow you to sue your neighbor to force your neighbor to remove a tree or the branches of a tree that is blocking your scenic view.

Jun 28, Crossing property lines to trim or cut down a tree is not something you or your arborist can do. Neither you nor your arborist may go onto a neighbor’s property or destroy the tree. If you do go onto a neighbor’s property or harm the tree, you could be liable for double or triple the value of the tree! May 29, The cutting-down or destruction of trees on someone else’s property is termed “timber trespass.” Timber trespass can be either intentional or accidental.

RSA J:8 - The Timber Trespass Statute New Hampshire has a long history of protecting and valuing trees. Nov 28, Florida has laws governing these encroaching branches. Your legal right to trim branches hanging over your property line will depend on the health of the tree. If the tree is healthy, you may, at your own expense, trim back branches up to the property line. Your neighbor won't necessarily be liable for healthy branches falling on your treedisposal.pwted Reading Time: 3 mins. Nov 01, “Absent clear danger, neither party can trespass on the other’s property to trim a tree.

If a tree is damaged or destroyed by a neighbor, it is the responsibility of the person causing the damage - conceivably in dollar damages.” According to the legal advice website NOLO, the tree doesn’t have to be chopped down to cause a legal battle. Tree Trimming Laws. Man trimming tree. When it comes to dealing with trees that lie close to property lines, you have the legal right to trim tree branches that hang over your property line, but only up to the property line and not past.

You must also stay on your side of the property line and make sure you do not destroy the tree itself. Nov 02, Overhanging Branches on Your Property Even if the tree trunk is on your neighbor’s property, you have the responsibility for cutting any branches that extend onto your property line. You are responsible for the cost of cutting any branches you choose to trim. You can cut back anything up to your property line. If your neighbor or someone else cuts down, removes, or hurts a tree on your property without your permission, that person is required to compensate you (the tree owner) for your loss.

If necessary, you can sue to enforce your rights. Jul 25, The removal of a tree on the boundary by one landowner without the consent or authorization of the adjoining landowner may result in liability for"reduction in value of the land resulting from removal of the tree" as well as for the"loss of the ornamental value and creature comforts provided by the tree" (Elowsky v.

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